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Patella Testing

There is no requirement for patella testing in the UK and therefore no data base exists for this condition.  However to be sure that we do not breed from bichons with patellar luxation it is adviseable to test.  It only takes a few minutes for your vet to check patellas by simple manipulation. 


There is now a breed specific patella test form.  Once filled in by ones vet the form can be submitted to bichon frise health for inclusion on a data base of all patellar screened bichons.  If patella testing has been carried out in the past and signed by a vet it can be included on our data base.   The data base will appear on this website.

Please download and print out the form.  Once it has been filled in by a vet please copy or scan and send to with the subject heading 'Patella Test'.  All tests will be recorded on this website and will show the name of the dog, the owner, the result of the test(s) and the date the test was carried out.  The results will be in alphabetic order for easy reference.

I hope the scheme will be well subscribed to and should help breeders and buyers to see which dogs have been cleared of Patellar Luxation.

Patellar Luxation form for Bichon Frise 

Please note that a bichon should be tested before it is bred from.  If under the age of 18 months the test should be repeated when the dog is over 2 years old.

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