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How to have a KC/BVA Eye test 

Your dog may only be examined by a BVA panel examiner




You can go to them directly and the price per dog as at 1 February 2014 is £51.

However you may also go to a group session held at Dog shows, individuals homes or organised at a venue such as a church hall.  Venues and dates can be found in the dog newspapers; Our Dogs and Dog News.  

As a group the cost is more reasonable and is around £37.


You must have your dog microchipped and you must bring their KC Registration and copies of any previous tests.


The results are recorded at the Kennel Club and will appear on the Registration papers of any puppies that the dog has sired or the bitch has whelped.


You may apply to the Kennel Club Health Department for a copy of all tests carried out on Bichons for a fee of approximately £6.



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