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Colostrum and fading puppies

The causes of “Fading Puppy Syndrome,” where puppies inexplicably begin to fail and die within a few days of birth, is still poorly understood.  Breeders valiantly try heroic measures to save the puppies - a few puppies might make it, but many, if not most, may still slip through a breeder’s fingers like so many grains of sand.


But new research about dogs, combined with established knowledge about farm animal breeding, has led to new ideas that could stop some cases of Fading Puppy Syndrome before they start.

Ear Disease

If you own a bichon, chances are he/she will have experienced an ear infection and possibly recurrent ear infections. The following information is intended to enhance your understanding of the canine ear and help you get the help you need if your bichon develops ear issues.

Vaccination protocol update

For some time there has been much discussion of how often we vaccinate our dogs.  Are annual boosters really needed or are they a waste of time and money.  Could we be vaccinating our dogs too early?  Read the latest report from the Vaccination Guidelines group of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association 

Dog Foods

Do we REALLY know what makes up a good dog food?  And do we understand the labels that give you details of their contents?  Do you know what Ash is? Do we have fixed ideas on how much protein to feed?  At last there is website that gives you all the information you need to understand what you are or should be feeding your dog.

73% of Calcium Oxalate patients are male. This stone type is unusual in females.  Breeds at especially high risk include bichons. Most cases occur in dogs between ages 5 and 12 years of age.

Cushings Disease

Cushing’s is usually seen in older dogs and small breed dogs are more likely to develop the disease. The most common signs of the disease are very similar to those associated with the normal ageing process. This can make it difficult to diagnose and later monitor.

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